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Paid for premium and its not working on IOS

Paid for premium and its not working on IOS and they promised to get back to me by technical team and they forgot it i guess its been 2 weeks from a month!!!


A great time waster. The vast majority of profiles are fake. Just want your e-addresses or money. Have met a very few good folks over the years.

Paid for premium but its not working

Premium not working, and when i open app it takes almost 6 minutes to load, horrible!!!

Great site

Great way to meet new people.

The good, bad and ugly

This app will get you laid if you put in the time and effort. Unfortunately, it is also riddled with fake spam accounts that hammer you constantly. I spend more time reporting chat bots than I do hunting for fresh meat. I would give it four stars if it wasnt for all the chat bots. There are a lot of bugs as well and the chat interface is horrible. Use this app to meet people, use another app to actually chat.


not good app you block people and this people can see this, update please

Fake Profiles

This wouldve gotten 5 stars but with so many fake profiles spam, and the strict restrictions on pics I have to strip them of two stars.

Fake as hell

This is a joke. Everyone on this site is from the same town in Kansas. Most look like they are from Vietnam. Its awful.

No support for keyboards

Cant use other keyboard on. The app !!!!!! Please

Too much catfish. Location proximity clearly doesnt work.

There is no real vetting on this app. People show theyre in one place and can be somewhere totally different. Do better to police fake profiles.

Bugs in the new OS

Please work on the image loading. Since the new OS the app has been buggy and slow.

Picture comments

Why am I no longer able to read recent picture comments?

Dont buy credits until they fix app!!!

Now location services are broken on this application as well. Other apps seem to be fine, just this one. -- The pay features do not work as advertised. For example, I spent 100 credits to wink at 10 girls near me. Instead, it gave me 8 matches for girls in the Philippines, more than 2000 km away. #FAIL


I payed for the premium and I havent been able to do it and when I email skout they just blow it off


Too many fakes and when i want to stay local its not local and now they are trying to sell monthly packages. Skout plus was a premium feature. I also think its automated profile views because more than half the views i get those people actually didnt view my profile.still is many bugs like to see chat i need to log off then back on and plz give a feature to know if you been blocked by someone when i go to their profile. Only getting worse

Full of scammers and crap

No real women. Some things to look for. I am Karen by name. (By name) get it, African black woman say it this way. Nice to meet you, do you have Hangout? Cam model or African dude. Where are you from? Xxx. Why does your profile say my city. I had a friend create my account. This of course is BS. This program is the worst ever made, locations are easily spoofed. And Ashly fooled by the "girl" using a proxy server. If you get scammed, you get what you deserve. Apple ought to ban this program, but they probably make money from it and are more concerned about the $$$$ than their members.


As of October 2016 this app has been spammed and taken over by a porn website that has over 50 fake profiles of women that constantly send you Fake likes and favorites and the rest of the site is nothing but scammer in Africa and also fakes in the United States as of today there are no real woman on this site but catfish the site is dead all real woman left the site along time ago


This app is beyond broken


If theres 0.1 star that will be the one. Why is my profile said that Im from Union City ( Ive never live in Union City) Did any of Skout staff ever read this?!?! Why did I bumped out for no valid reasons on several occasions Of course Ive blocked a lot of them due to long distances and spam/scam. Too many scammers who registered in the following Cites/States like San Jose CA, and Countries like UK MY GH NG Most of their mileage register as 7860 or 7630 Are there any ways to stop this or Screen these?! What happened after I reported them?! Can you send me only those that are with 35 Miles radius? If not Ill deleted them due to too far away.

Love this app but come on

How can the same bug be in the phone for multiple years. Ive had a chat request pop up and crash the app every time I try to click it. How is that still a thing after years of it being on the app. That, location services and scammers kill this app. Makes me feel like the app isnt cared about.

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